My Hero Is Gone – Christopher Hitchens Dead

I just heard the sad news. Christopher Hitchens has succumbed to esophageal cancer. Creationists all over the  world rejoice, thanking Jesus, while reasonable people are mourning. I would say R.I.P., but that would be an insult.

If the music died 02-03-1959­, then reason and acerbic wit died 12-15-2011­.

I’m not old enough to remember where I was when I heard that John F. Kennedy had been killed, but I do have John Lennon and Christoper Hitchens. Oddly enough I don’t think they would have gotten along very well.

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2 thoughts on “My Hero Is Gone – Christopher Hitchens Dead

  1. In a way I admired Christopher Hitchins for he was a liberal thinker and he made all people know that we must think and not just follow. However I do not agree with him nor with Richard Dawkins in offending people who think otherwise wzpecially those who follow some religion. I cannot help thinking that Hitchens and Dawkins hit upon the power of the media and the weakness of the public in that the public want to adore and some people enjoyed being adored and it is also a way to become rich, at giving the public an entertainment in a way.
    I believe Hitchens was a social expert and he knew how society behaved and what it needs to occupy itself. He catered for that and he lived well, I do not think that he developed his emotions to love others as any human should especially those close to us. I suppose this was a little price to pay, according to his way of thinking and what he values as success. He certainly sought what he want, using the weakness of others , he was a good public entertainer, and what the people want these days.

  2. I strongly doubt that Hitchens (or Dawkins for that matter) sought to offend people. Hitchens in particular didn’t care much for sugarcoating his opinions, and the nature of the subject-matter in question led many of his opponents to take offense. That, however, is on them. I myself take offense at how religions (in America theoretically all of them, but Christianity and Judaism in particular) get a free pass on all criticism of anti-social practices. They are holy cows, if you will.

    I think Christoper Hitchens’ first love was truth and rationality and, yes, he could come across as a bully and/or snob when he encountered willful ignorance of either. That’s just the way he rolled. He was also married and had children, and to suggest that he lacked the capacity for love is just not fair.

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